KTO supports women’s football in Rio Grande do Sul

KTO supports women’s football in Rio Grande do Sul

Last weekend, KTO took action in favor of women’s sport in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The bookmaker sponsored the final of the Gaucho Women’s Football Championship, reinforcing its commitment to regional development and also to sports that have not yet had their deserved prominence.

About 1.5 million viewers tuned in to the classic Gre-Nal, which was broadcast by the local affiliate of Rede Globo de Televisão, the largest channel in Brazil. At the time, Internacional beat Grêmio 2-1. The team became two-time champions and now has eight titles in this competition.

KTO’s own growth strategy is built upon partnering with affiliates that share the same drive to be at the top of their game. The banners bearing the KTO brand at Arena Cruzeiro embodies its admiration for the talented players striving for a fairer playing field, players deserving to be recognized for their valiance in taking women’s football to the next level.

Also in Rio Grande do Sul, KTO has recently became the official sponsor of one of the regional Basketball teams under the new name ‘KTO / Caxias do Sul Basquete’. The sponsorship serves as a proud moment for KTO to embark into the world of basketball and to provide support to an admired team. KTO/ Caixas do Sul Basquete currently plays in NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil), a league with a national projection, becoming evermore relevant year after year.

KTO has a lot planned for the near future — with a major focus on securing similar partnerships in the coming year.

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