KTO and Santa Cruz Futebol Clube extend partnership agreement

KTO and Santa Cruz Futebol Clube extend partnership agreement

International Bookmaker KTO, announces sponsorship extension with the Santa Cruz football team at the beginning of an exciting new season.

KTO announces that the sponsorship agreement between Santa Cruz Futebol Clube has been extended. After the first agreement that enabled the team to participate in the Ibsen Pinheiro Cup, the bookmaker and club have decided to continue with the partnership for the rest of the 2021 season.

“We decided to stay with Santa Cruz at this magical and historic moment for the team. They will make their debut in the Recopa Gaúcha against Grêmio, one of the biggest teams in the country, in a match that will be televised and should be watched by about five million people. That, and not to mention how the club is also participating in the Brazil Cup”, celebrates Cassio Filter, KTO’s country manager for Brazil.

Santa Cruz Futebol Clube is a team from the inner regions of the Rio Grande do Sul state. Founded in 1913, the team is now experiencing one of the greatest moments in the club’s extensive history — they now celebrate making their debut in some of Brazil’s biggest football competitions.

Last year they won their first state championship and are now eager to continue into the 2021 season with the same momentum. “This year we are also getting to know our odds and we are seeing that Santa Cruz has many chances of growing and becoming a sustainable club, a winning club. We have visibility, and even though the club is considered small, it is filled with passion – from myself, managers, and also from our fans. May the KTO and Santa Cruz partnership last for many years”, concludes Tiago Reich, president of Santa Cruz Futebol Clube.

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